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Re: Compute future cost with fresh data

by di Sergio Corato, Sergio Corato
- 06/05/2022 14:44:59

Il giorno ven 6 mag 2022 alle ore 14:41 Sergio Corato <> ha scritto:

Il giorno ven 6 mag 2022 alle ore 14:31 David Beal <> ha scritto:
Hi all,

My customer needs data about future costs for its final bom level products to adjust future sales prices (inflation time)
Odoo store cost concerning stock (my customer use average cost) in the warehouse but not the future cost.
Despite of this, you have with supplierinfo data about this future cost (or purchase amount at least).

Do you know a module allowing to compute cost depending of supplierinfo prices or any other approach ?



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