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Management of chatter with channels

- 26/08/2020 06:00:29
Hi Community,

In V11CE, I’m wondering how community members manage changes to the followers on particular objects over extended periods of time.

In my organisation, we have a considerable number of objects (Projects, Tasks, Opportunities) that run for long periods of time (some several years) with team members coming and going, and consequently, changes to the lists of followers for each object being required.  

Currently that’s a time consuming task of going through each of these objects, removing and adding followers as I go.

I understand that channels can be added to the list of followers, and that members can be added/removed to the channel, but the problem with that is that messages sent via the channels don’t land in the channel members inboxes (the place where they’re most likely to see messages).  Instead, they need to proactively go to the channel and look for new messages.

Is there some module or alternative way to get channel messages ‘mirrored’ to the inboxes of channel members, or is there some other way that the community is managing this scenario?

We currently handle all of our internal communication in Odoo, rather than via email, but that could be changed if there was good reason.

I’m also interested to know if management of chatter has improved in later versions?

Thanks in advance,

Bill Ennals
Operations Co-ordinator
Reverse Garbage Qld Co-op Ltd.