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Changes in Ocabot - nobump will be now required

Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité, Sylvain LE GAL
- 14/04/2020 10:34:27
Hi all,

We recently worked with Stephane Bidoul from Acsone, to improve the OCA bot that makes a lot of automated tasks on github. (

FIY, the merge command syntax will change (PR). Previously, it was possible to say \ocabot merge. It will be now mandatory to mention the bump method to apply, among these 4 options : major, minor, patch, or nobump.
The nobump option should be used in rare cases. Most of the time, please follow the OCA conventions, regarding version numbers, available here.
Remark : if the command is incorrect, the bot will now answer that the command was wrong. Sample.

Another changes are available for the OCA bot :
* Possibility to automatically update history.rst file, using oca-towncrier and fragments files (PR). If you're interested in such a feature, please take a look at that new OCA command, available in maintainer-tools project.

Note 1 : There are also pending works to have the possibility to rebase the current pull request (PR) or to (auto) squash the commit of a PR. Feel free to contribute !

Note 2 : For people that have installed a custom ocabot for their custom repositories, new settings are available.
* Possibility to have approvals required configurable. (PR)
* Possibility to add options, calling oca-gen-addons-table, oca-gen-addon-readme, oca-gen-addon-icon (PR)
* Possibility by the configuration file, to disable bot tasks (PR) and ignore github status (PR)

Kind regards.

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