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How to use /ocabot merge correctly?

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 17/02/2020 09:09:18
Dear community,

We have seen this document, yet it not tell in great detail. so may we ask in detailed here,

1) What is the difference between /ocabot merge patch/minor/major and the symantic of x.y.z - breaking.feature.fix in another document. Is it so that,
  - /ocabot merge patch, -> (patch = fix)
  - /ocabot merge minor, -> (minor = feature)
  - /ocabot merge major, -> (major = breaking)

2) For the new [ADD] module, should be click merge manually, or use /ocabot merge (don't want to add any digit, but we test it and it seem to try to change last digit).

3) What is "/ocabot merge" alone, it default to patch or minor?

4) What is the practice to work with some module that has HISTORY. For example, some author (not the PSC), may add in history as new Minor revision, -> but the merger think it is just a fix. And so, he might do /ocabot merge patch . This could result in the version diff between HISTORY and manifest file?

Thank you!
Kitti U.