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Re: "Adopt a Module" campaign?

Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité, Sylvain LE GAL
- 19/11/2019 09:18:02

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Le mar. 19 nov. 2019 à 09:56, Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) <> a écrit :
Sylvain, not sure that list is the most suitable one, because, which serious integrator is really downloading modules through OCA website instead of using git, pip or other deployment methods? But yes, we can focus on a criteria like that.

Indeed ! I think that most integrators are not using odoo / OCA apps store. (they pip install, gitagregate, or whatever).
But, the list I mention enumerates the "popular" modules of the OCA, and I think it's a good indicator of which modules should be maintained. In fact, the first page is listing : web_responsive, web_export_view, mis_builder, etc... that are the "must have" modules of the OCA in my opnion.
If OCA receives donations from companies, it is because such modules exist, among other reasons.

But it's just a suggestion. If other members find a better metrics, no problem !


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