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OCA Days and Delegates Campaign for the Annual AGA

Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly
- 12/10/2023 10:24:54
Hello OCA Contributors,

I hope this email finds you well.

Just to let you know of a few things happening at the moment:

OCA DAYS 2023:
This is now sold out. Thank you so much for the early support. We will be filming the talks and are looking forward to sharing them widely following the event. The full agenda of talks will be on the website from early next week.

For those that have registered but haven't RSVP'd to the social events please do so now, we need to know by the end of this week - just a couple of quick surveys with a yes or no and any dietary requirements. We need to get our catering orders in ASAP and want to make sure we have everyone covered:
The Monday RSVP survey also has dietary requirements for the lunches, so please click the link. 
Even if you aren't planning on sticking around on Monday for dinner and music it is helpful to know that too but we've got a food truck and drinks waiting to be consumed and would love to spend time with you.

We have number of times we need help from our attendees:
  • Sunday afternoon -  We need help to set up the main room for the codesprint and chill out areas. It went super quick and easy last year with many hands making light work then heading to the evening social afterwards. If you can help let us know please.
  • Talk rooms, technical and functional - this will involve introducing speakers, making sure cameras are running and just helping things to go with the flow. If you are interested in helping with this please let me know. I'll have a roster set up next week following the release of the agenda but having a pool of people to call on will make this task much easier. 


The 2023 OCA Delegates Campaign is open. Until October 22nd, you can apply to be an OCA Delegate if you are a current paid Member. 
If you are already a Delegate, you don't need to apply again. This is for 10 new Delegates.
The Delegate Assembly is the Association’s supreme authority. Each Delegate member is entitled to one vote at the Delegate Assembly. Decisions of the Delegate Assembly are taken by a majority vote of the Delegate members present and voting. For further details, please read the Bylaws.
To apply as a candidate, you have to:
• sign the CLA (if not already done)
• have a valid membership. Make sure to purchase your membership or renew it (you should have received a quotation for your renewal earlier this year).
• if you aren't sure if you have renewed/paid your membership for 2023 please contact me.
The campaign will be closed on October 22nd, 2023.
Then what?
The vote will be open from October 24th -  November 4th, 2023. Current OCA Delegates will have to vote for 10 new Delegates among the candidates. 
The results of the election will be announced on November 6th, 2023. 
The 10 new Delegates will then take part with the existing Delegates in :
• the 2023 OCA Board Member Campaign from November 6th - 17th, 2023
• the 2023 OCA Financial Auditor Campaign from November 6th - 17th, 2023
• the 2023 General Assembly from November 20th to December 1st, 2023.

If you have any questions please get in touch.
Warmest regards,

Rebecca Gellatly
General Secretary
Odoo Community Association