OCA Winter Newsletter #2018.1
What's new and noteworthy regarding the Odoo community

Hello Community,

Here is an update to the events in the past months, relevant to Odoo Community Association in particular, and the Odoo Community landscape in general.

This is also a good opportunity to thank our sponsors, for helping us achieve the OCA mission: Aleph Objects, NSTDA, Onestein (Platinum sponsors); IT AS AG, Bloopark, Cardolite Specialty Chemicals (Gold sponsors); Adhoc SA, and Therp. Take a moment to visit our sponsor page and learn more about them.

The Odoo Community Association is open to all, and everyone can contribute to the GitHub repositories. If you feel that the OCA has an important role supporting the open source values and the community efforts, please help us by becoming a Member.

From the Web

Interesting articles regarding Odoo in particular and the software craft in general

TravisCI auto-cancellation of redundant builds

Now TravisCI will automatically cancel waiting builds, when a later push is performed on the same branch. This should reduce the build queues and improve the waiting times. See the details in the TravisCI blog post.

A pull request is submitted, what next?

An interesting read about code reviews and some of its inherent problems amongst team members, and I’ll also highlight possible ways to overcome some of these problems. Read here.

Odoo 10 vs Odoo 11 Community Edition

This a short reference highlighting the main differences between the 10.0 and 11.0 Community Editions. Find the article here.

From the Community

New and noteworthy contributions to the Odoo community

 GDPR project

During the last Odoo Experience a few people showed interest in creating a work group to discuss and implement features to support the new european data privacy regulations, GDPR. A kick off meeting was held at the event, and the Odoo Community offered to provide the supporting mailing list and, in a later phase, the Github project. Learn more about the progress made in the dedicated mailing list.

Odoo App Store Module Names

Odoo apps store now restricts module names to the original user that register that module. This means that community donations of pre-existing module either need to be renamed or completely rehomed. No particular announcement was made by Odoo SA, but this is something to keep in mind.

DDMRP initiatives for Odoo

Jordi Ballester, from Eficent in Barcelona, has been investing the the Demand Driven MRP concepts. Eficent has been developing Odoo support for DDMRP and a training session was recently held in Barcelona, to introduce the concepts to other community members.

Odoo 11 Development Cookbook

The second edition of the Odoo Development Cookbook, by Alexandre Fayolle and Holger Brunn, has been published. It was updated to Odoo 11 and expanded with new recipes, such as deploying Odoo under Docker containers. It provides some advanced tips overall, and should be an indispensable resource for any serious Odoo developer. See more details about the content on the book webpage at the Packt Publishing website.

MIS Builder ported to 11.0

The MIS Builder is very appreciated by many people in the community, since it provides an easy way to get advanced financial reports and analysis in Odoo CE. The good news is that, thanks to the OCA contributors, it is now available for 11.0. Check the GitHub MIS Builder repository.

New Infor Connector Repository

A new repository was created to support integration features between Odoo and Infor. You can contribute at: https://github.com/OCA/connector-infor

From the Association

Learn what the OCA board has been working on

New OCA Sponsors: Adhoc SA, Therp and Vauxoo

We pleased to see that more and more companies see the OCA role as very important for their business, and that this translates in more of them supporting the OCA. We would like to welcome the latest OCA Bronze Sponsors: Adhoc SA, from Argentina, Therp, from the Netherlands and Vauxoo from Mexico. Thank you for the support. It is very important to allow the OCA to create

Extraordinary General Assembly

The board requested an extraordinary general assembly, to propose the Delegates to adjust the elected board term to coincide with the financial report period, the civil year. The goal is to improve the board accountability for the financial results of their term. To make the calendar adjustment, the current board would have an extended mandate until December. The board election would change to September, just before the Odoo Experience annual event, and the new board members can collaborate with the current board for a few months before they start their mandate. The proposal was approved by large majority of the Delegates.

New OCA Board collaborators

The OCA Board decided to hire external help for the tasks needed by the association. For this two RFQs were announced in the Contributors mailing list, one for a web and graphic designer profile, and the other one for a general secretary. The selected candidates were Valeria Vega, from Pixelove Studio, and Rebecca Gellatly, from Open For Small Business, Ltd. They will surely be a precious help to improve the services the association provides to the community.

New Release Process and Module Life Cycle Process

The biggest change to how the OCA works is underway. For quite some time feedback is being gathered into a document, describing how the OCA contribution processes should work. The OCA Board is already outlining the plan to implement these new processes, but you still have time to comment and contribute to the draft document.

New Business Mailing List

A new OCA mailing list is now available, focused on business development and opportunities. It can be a tool to help you develop the Odoo business in your region, or get help from other Odoo integrators during bidding or implementation stages. If you are a business manager, you should definitely subscribe it.

RFQ for the migration of odoo-community.org from v10 to v11

The OCA opened an RFQ to migrate from 10.0 to 11.0. As before, the migration will use the OpenUpgrade project, and all the migration scripts will be open source and made generally available in that repository.

RFQ to develop Integrator and Contributor pages for odoo-community.org

Having in mind a better recognition of our contributing people and and companies, the OCA wants to make these more visible in our website. Work to gather these statistics has been done, in the Interface-Github repository. A Request for Quotes has been issued in order to complete this work. The RFQ announcement can be found on the Contributors mailing list.

OCA Winter Newsletter #2018.1
Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis 3 April, 2018
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