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Since its founding in 1999, IT IS AG has been the contact for ERP introductions and business solutions. We have particular expertise in the area of structured advice, excellent methodology and reasonable purchased ERP customization. Likewise, we have a lot of experience when it comes to connect business systems with document management, web shops and websites. Further information about IT IS AG can be found on the Internet at 


Wikimedia Deutschland
Wikipedia is one of the ten most popular Websites of the world. Its content and the content of other Wikimedia projects is created, improved and disseminated by volunteers. Wikimedia Germany supports with their work especially Wikipedia, Wikipedia Commons, Wikidata, but also the smaller projects. All Wikimedia projects are ran by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation. More than 40 independent organizations support the Wikimedia projects on site. Wikimedia Germany is the oldest and largest of them, was registered as a nonprofit association in 2004 and has about 50,000 members nowadays. The association’s goal is to provide free access to knowledge.