OCA Newsletter #2017.2

Hello all!

We are back with an overview of the new and noteworthy information of the last months. We also have some updates on what the OCA Board has been up to during this time.

We are always looking for interesting articles, so you are welcome to share with us any link that might be of general interest for the Odoo community. Please send your suggestions to news@odoo-community.org

Have a nice read!

EDIT: a last minute entry about the BArcelona code sprint was added. Make sure to scroll to the bottom if you haven't read it yet.


From the Community

New LibreOffice Based Reporting Engine

The report_py3o is an Odoo report engine based on LibreOffice. It allows for non technical users to created reports using ODT or ODS documents. Find more details in the reporting engine repository.

New PSC for the Vietnamese localisation

A Project Steering Comitte for the Vietnamese localisation was created, with Jean-Charles Drubay as OCA representative. You may want to visit the PSC page.

First steps for the Thai community

Congratulations to the Thai community who got its first modules merged into the OCA. We hope that many more will come. Check the work done in the repository.

Helping GitHub First Contributions

We found on the web an interesting article to guide newbies to create their first Github Pull Requests. More after the link.

From the Association

The membership 2017 campaign has started!

The 2017 renewals have been sent out to current members, so check your email.
Membership fees are critical for the OCA to keep our services running, such as the website and the Runbot infrastructure.
If you are not yet a member, you can purchase it at the OCA online store, odoo-community.org/shop.

Run up for the 2017 Annual General Assembly

Preparations have begun for the 2017 Annual General Assembly. If you are a Delegate you should have already received an information email about it. Otherwise, you're welcome to send an email to support@odoo-community.org asking for additional info. In the mean time, OCA members and friends can check the results from the last AGA in the 2016 September Newletter.

OCA trademark registration

With the generous help of our sponsor Onestein, the OCA logo was registered and is now protected. You can check the registration records at the European Union Intellectual Property office.

OCA migration to Odoo 10

The board has decided to migrate the OCA Odoo server from version 8.0 to 10.0. A proposal was approved, and the migration project has begun. The project will contribute the migration scripts to OpenUpgrade, covering all modules used by the OCA, and then the OCA instance will be upgraded. We find that financing OpenUpgrade is a great contribution for all the community. You can follow the progress on the coordination GitHub Issue.

Barcelona Code Sprint

Just before the Spanish Community event, "Jornadas Odoo", an OCA code sprint is being organized. It will be held on May 29th, 30th and 31st, in the beautiful city of Barcelona. The event is already a success: we have 90+ registrations, many people travelling from other countries. And for the first time, we will have a team from the Odoo R&D team also participating in the event! Thanks to Jordi Ballester, from Eficent, for all the organization work. There is still room for more participants, have a peek at the event page.

Photo credits: Suyash Dixit, license CC0

OCA Newsletter #2017.2
Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis 8 May, 2017
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