OCA Election and General Assembly 2015
Summary of the planning and actions to take
Here is a summary of the actions to take regarding the 2015's election of the OCA. You'll find here a clear planning and procedure to know how to become a Member, a Delegate, a Financial auditor or a Board member. You also find a reminder about the General Assembly and the Delegate assembly.

The Delegate Assembly and the General Assembly

What, when, how ...

I remember you that the members of the OCA constitue the General Assembly of the Association. The Delegate members form the Delegate Assembly of the association and is its supreme authority. The Board is the operational organ and take all measures to attain the goals of the association. The Financial  auditors shall validate the Association accounts.

This year, the planning is as the following:
  • Till May the 1st, 2015:
    • Renew and pay your membership
    • Apply to be an OCA Delegate
  • From May the 2nd to May the 10th, 2015:
    • 2014 OCA Delegates vote for 10 new Delegates
  • Till May the 17th, 2015:
    • Apply to be an OCA Board Members
    • Apply to be an OCA Financial Auditors
  • From May the 18th to June the 4th at 12:00 CEST the electronic Delegate Assembly starts and votes for:
    • 9 Board Members
    • 3 Financial Auditors
    • Approval of the 2014 AGA record
    • Approval of the 2014 Financial Statements
    • Approval of the 2014 Activity Report
    • Approval of the 2015 Budget
    • Approval of the 2015 Bylaws changes
  • On June the 4th in the evening, during the Odoo Experience 2015, the General Assembly will 
    • Announce the election results and present the new board
    • Publish the 2014 Financials Statements, 2014 Activity Report, 2015 Budget and 2015 Bylaws

Become a Member

Support the Association and Participate

Anyone can join us at any time ! To become a member, send us your CLA, your Github login and pay your membership fees. Please refer to this link for more informations: https://odoo-community.org/page/Membership

Become a Delegate

Take part to the Delegate Assembly

Any active member of the OCA can become a Delegate 2015 (actual Delegate 2014 only must renew and pay their membership). To do so:

Become a Financial Auditor

Review and validate the Association accounts

Anyone can become a Financial Auditor. To do so:

Become a Board Member

Be the operational organ of the Association

Any 2015 Delegate can apply to be an OCA Board Member. To do so:
  • Become a 2015 Delegate (following the above procedure)
  • Till May the 17th, 2015:
    • 2015 Delegates apply to be a Board Member (further information will follow)
  • From May the 18th to June the 4th 2015 at 12:00 CEST:
    • Delegates Assembly 2015 will vote for 9 Board members among the list above
OCA Election and General Assembly 2015
Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand Guillaume 15 April, 2015
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