OCA Days 2023 - Retrospective

OCA Days 2023 - what a blast! Lets have a look back at the awesome few days we got to spend together.

Room prep and beers at La Grand Poste on Sunday night

After getting the rooms ready for the next few days (thanks again to the people who could come earlier to help and of course to the Board Members who were there since 10:30am for a brainstorming session about the future of the OCA, a lot of participants gathered at La Grand Poste to share food and drinks.


For this social event we rented a separate room, which quickly became very crowded (we had about 80 subscribed participants but we wonder if some spontaneous people joined as well) we know that we’ll need more space for the next rounds seeing the success of such a night.

In writing this retrospective, we also have a special thought for Stéphane and Denis who ended up joining quite late due to getting  the live streaming working in the two talk rooms.

Great music and vegan 10 years anniversary cake on Monday night

On Monday night, like last year, we welcomed the Freaky Mornings band after a nice street food dinner (thanks to La Frite!). The dance floor was a big success again this year , even though several people (hello Alexis de Lattre, Sylvain Le Gal, Daniel Reis…) tried to continue coding in the dark of the sprint room while listening to the music.


A stressful wait came to an end when our “surprise” 10 years anniversary vegan cake came at 10pm. We announced a surprise for the end of the day from Monday morning… people couldn’t wait any longer. The real surprise was the fact that non-vegan people discovered how vegan dessert can be delicious! Thanks to La Patisserie Vegan in Liège.

Code Sprint

Code Sprint Document from OCA Days 2023

It appears as thought the code sprint this year was not as successful as previous years. For  the first time we had a technical AND a functional track, making a constant flow of people from sprint room to talk rooms. 

The change of offerings at the event has given us pause to think - do we need to reprocess the idea of the code sprint?  With so many interesting talks, people are less concerned with the sprint code. There is the idea to potentially remove the Sprint code part and promote a “share & think together” space. Developers could meet together in order to prepare future developments. In the end, we are more comfortable developing at our office or home.

New OCA logo and 10 years retrospective

On Monday, Joël presented a retrospective about the OCA 10 years of existence. We are a vibrant open source community… but we have a lot of challenges to overcome in the next years to keep up with Odoo S.A. growth. You can find out more about this here.

The new OCA logo was presented by the work group and Lucas from Kapreon team. You'll find all the details here.

New Track - Functional Talks

The functional track started on Monday morning with the Functional Work Group presenting what had been achieved this year (including the existence of this track!) and pointed to the next talks linked to the work groups (how to use Github, how to use Weblate, what’s new for OCA modules documentation, …).

We had a big variety of speakers and the room was always quite busy! 

Jordi’s talk about Cashflow management in Odoo even kept people standing up: A big success! (Also, Jordi came with his big team that might have filled half of the room).

Aside the functional room, the functional work group organized a workshop in the Sprint room to build several “set of OCA modules” in a discussion way instead of a traditional talk.


Want to re-live the event?

Local television came to showcase our event. Thanks to Laurent Mignon for calling them.

Missed the event or a talk? We recorded everything, no worries! The videos will be available soon on our Youtube Channel. For now you can see the full recordings of the days.

Thank you! See you next year!

Thanks a lot to all participants who made this event unforgettable again!

Thanks to those who helped throughout the entire week, in particular for the live streaming recordings in the two talks rooms during the OCA Days and who helped on our OCA stand during Odoo XP the next days.

As already said several times during the event, we especially thank the Acsone team who co-organized everything, in particular Marie, Denis, Laurent and Stéphane. We hope the little present in the shape of mugs show them our gratitude.

Thanks to our 2023 OCA Days sponsors:


Feedback survey

There is still time to share your feedback about the event here: 

Feedback Survey

We appreciate your time and we’ll make sure we improve the next edition accordingly!

Thanks to the 37 people who already take this time to share their ideas.

Next events

In 2024, the OCA community will have a lot of opportunities to gather again: 

  • OCA Days in Canada - 5th - 8th March 2024

  • Spanish OCA Days in Tenerife, Spain, organized by AEOdoo  - 6th - 10th May, 2024

  • Italian OCA Days

  • 2024 OCA Days in Belgium: we wait for Odoo to set the OdooXP dates and organize accordingly.

Stay tuned!

OCA Days 2023 - Retrospective
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