OCA Days 2023 - Functional Track
What you need to know...

OCA Days 2023 is coming up (all details here)!

As you may be aware on top of our excellent technical talks, this year we will also  have a functional track.

This area was highlighted at last year’s event as a fast growing group and one we want to support within the OCA.

The room for this will be used for presentations and discussions. With the discussions the idea is for one person to propose a topic, give their understanding and then it will be more of a practices and ideas exchange environment with others contributing to the dialogue. The duration of a presentation or discussion can be choosen between 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

The deadline for talk submissions is 15th September, please share your talk proposals NOW.

When you do so, please clearly mark that it is in the functional category and whether it is a talk or discussion topic that you will lead (and its duration).

From the survey we shared over summer here are some topics people would like talks about. Can you help? 

How to find solutions in OCA when you are faced with a new need from a customer (Odoo Code Search, vanilla test, OCA Github...)?

Presentation of new modules / functionalities added recently ? 

How & when to lead a migration project ?

How to lead a gap analysis (best practices) ? 

How to contribute to the OCA modules documentation (good practices - detailed talk) ? 

Presentation of a set of OCA modules - Sales

Presentation of a set of OCA modules - Basic essential modules for each project

Presentation of a set of OCA modules - Purchase

User rights et groups, roles

Ergonomy modules (advanced search, web responsive)

We would love to include as many functional people in the OCA as possible and make sure their needs are met. We already have a very active workgroup working towards helping to support our functional members, you'll be able to find out more in November!

OCA Days 2023 - Functional Track
Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly 14 August, 2023
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