OCA 2022 Newsletter #4
AGA results, promo video and more!


2022 OCA Annual General Assembly

The 2022 OCA AGA has now been completed.

Throughout the process we welcomed 10 new Delegates (we have now 83 Delegates in total), voted in 3 new Financial Auditors (1 with previous experience in this position) and re-elected the existing 9 Board Members from 2022 back into their roles for 2023 - you can see them with our General Secretary below!

This is a great opportunity to thank all those that put their hats in the ring by applying to become Delegates and Board members, we had more applicants that ever before - thank you!

You can find out more about the AGA here.


Did you miss the OCA Days this year or were you there and want to refresh your memory on all the great knowledge that was shared at the presentations? You'll find the talks on our YouTube Channel (they are currently being released, you will be able to see all of them by mid next week).

One of the most popular ones (according to our follow up survey) was oca-port: new OCA tool to help with modules migration with Sébastien Alix and Simone Orsi. Check it out now:


OCA Days 2022 Feedback

Being back together face to face was such a wonderful experience.

A new location and venue meant we had our work cut out for us. On the whole, we view the event as a success, there are certainly areas to improve but being the first OCA Days in person in 3 years, we were happy and so were our attendees. Here is what they had to say:

"This OCA event was my first, and I had a blast. I met a lot of knowledgeable and friendly people."

"From my point of view OCA days were more interesting that Odoo Experience"

"Bands, burgers, positive attitude. OCA "community"/contribution talks. Talks with technical depth (so much better than Odoo Experience)."

"It was a great event I am very grateful to have been there, thank you! I know how hard it is to organise and run such an event and it was definitely successful in many many ways."

"Our own social evenings this year, both the Sunday and the Monday were more than perfect to fraternize and meet each other"

"Venue was great, location was great, social opening event was great"

If you would like to see some more of the great photos taken during the event please have a look here.

Functional Working Group

One of the areas we have been trying to get better at is including more functional people in the OCA, be it through day to day workings or the OCA Days. We know people in this role are vital and bring so much to the community.
Following the event in October a Functional workgroup has been formed. The first meeting took place in late November. The group is small at the moment with the intention of creating a bigger space to collaborate freely in the future. The main goals currently are:

  • Attract more functional people / find a way to integrate the functional people in OCA.

  • Evangelize on the tools we have: github, weblate, runboat…, make it simpler to understand

  • Improve discussion exchanges between functional people and with developers on different topics, such as:

    • Good practices

    • Use cases

    • Modules (new and existing)

  • Putting together our efforts in the documentation of community modules and Odoo Community features and share it more broadly

  • Bring the voice of clients to the OCA community, especially identifying the main pain points not yet covered, define per business sector a set of modules to install (like a package)

  • Not feeling alone in our functional job (we share the same issues, questions, needs in our daily job)

Do you want to join? For the time being, we are a small group (9 people) and we think it's efficient to keep a small size group to launch the overall project, and then send a call to others to come and join some sub-projects (early 2023). But if you cannot wait and would like to be in the "core group", reach Virginie.


Discord - we need your help

As you may know, the OCA has a Discord channel available.

It was initially created to support the OCA Days online events, but some groups find it useful and continue using it for collaboration.

However we have had reports about spam, hate messages and bot posts, that make necessary some moderation, and the OCA Board needs help with this.

If you are familiar with Discord, and its moderation and administration features, please step up and volunteer to help us with this issue.

Please get in touch - thank you!

OCA Days Promo Video

This year with the help of LemonSide we have created a video from the OCA Days. We wanted to be able to share what the OCA and OCA Days are all about and how you too can help make Odoo mightier, together!

Share it to your colleagues and clients, why not in a blog post on your company website? It's a good way to make them understand the value of contributing to OCA and why not... sponsor our organization! ;)

Cover image by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

OCA 2022 Newsletter #4
MoaHub, Rebecca Gellatly 20 December, 2022
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2022 Annual General Assembly