Marketing Materials, Case Studies, Odoo Development Cookbook,  Accounting Reports & Product Configurator
April issue of the OCA Newsletter

Marketing Materials, Case Studies, Odoo Development Cookbook, Accounting Reports & Product Configurator

April issue of the OCA Newsletter

Marketing Materials

Couple months ago, Sébastien Beau and Stéphane Bidoul took part of the Open Source Summit in Paris. The main feedback of their time on the OCA booth is that many people didn't know about what Odoo is and what it does and some remembered the OpenERP name instead. In the mean time at the ICT Festival in Italy, Lorenzo Battistini used some OCA flyers.

Inspired by this great initiative, the OCA Board decided to provide the community with some marketing materials to promote the widespread use of Odoo:

  • a functional brochure, intended for users and decision-makers, but also for functional consultants and project managers eager to discover the potential of Odoo, its ecosystem and its community ;

  • a technical brochure, for developers and programmers looking for a modern framework to quickly develop business applications and a vibrant and professional community to work with ;

  • a presentation template for your talks about Odoo and the OCA ;

  • a set of logos to show your commitment to the OCA values ;

  • a marketing page on our website where you will find all the resources you need to speak about Odoo.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo text and image block

The translation of those materials is still a work in progress and your contribution will be greatly appreciated. To do so, please contact us below.

We are also looking for people to participate to the following events:

Please raise your hand if you are interested and contact us below. The OCA may cover your registration, transportation and accomodation costs.

Contact us

Case Studies

As suggested by Jay Vora recently, the OCA would like to publish a collection of case studies on its website to demonstrate Odoo's versatility and capability to answer business needs, as well as the professionalism and excellence of its community. With more than 2 million Odoo users, I am sure your implementation project would make a great example for your peers. We can either work together to write or improve your content, or we can schedule an interview. In both cases, please let us know by contacting us below.

Share your experience

Odoo image and text block

Odoo Development Cookbook

This book, written by Alexandre Fayolle, Daniel Reis, Holger Brunn, starts by covering Odoo installation and administration, and provides a gentle introduction to application development. It then dives deep into several of the areas that an experienced developer will need to use. You will learn implement business logic, adapt the UI, and extend existing features.

What you will learn:

  • Install and manage Odoo environments and instances

  • Use Models to define your application's data structures

  • Add business logic to your applications

  • Implement automated tests and debug Odoo apps

  • Use back-end views to create a user interface

  • Get to know about the access security model and internationalization features

  • Develop front-end website features

  • Extend the web client with new widgets and features

Product Configurator

The product configurator crowdfunding campaign is at 38% with less 10 days to go and still needs funding to reach its target and be released under AGPL to the Odoo community.

Individual development of this functionality would probably exceed the campaign's budget while maintaining similar quality and it would most probably not be released as open source. And even if it were, it would most probably be designed/customized for the founder and not extensible for every business. This is an opportunity to make these features available to everyone at only a fraction of the individual cost, draw in more users and spare you a great deal of financial and/or technical resources when your customers need it if they don't already. 

The importance of this project will be clear to you when you overcome these limitations or when potential customers walk away because of them. But by then it will probably be too late. Try and look a few steps ahead and anticipate while it is possible so we can expand our platform and our business. If you believe and have the open source spirit, now is a great time to prove it.

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Accounting Reports

On April 26th, 30 contributors will attend the accounting reports code sprint in Sorrento, Italy. The OCA is proud to announce that 7,000 € has been reached so far and the Accounting PSC has decided to give the same chance to each of them by sharing this amount equally to cover their expenses. 

More information about:

Thanks to the funding contributors: Arjan Rosman from Aardug, Erwin van der Ploeg from Odoo Experts, Stéphanie Debayle from Camptocamp SA, Claude Guisolan, Peter Niederlag from Datenbetrieb Technologie UGh, David Burkholder, Eric Vernichon, Michael van Eck, Jacob Staub, Juan José Scarafía, MagneticLab SARL, Massimo Colombo, Maxime Chambreuil from Savoir-faire Linux, Jonathan Wilson from WillowIT, Yoshi Tashiro.

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Features Highlights

On Version 9

Connector: Migrated to v9

ACSONE (Laurent Mignon) brings us this great achievement of having the OCA underlying technology for enqueing and processing jobs in Odoo.

Apps Github

Management system: Procedures template

Gervais Naoussi from Savoir-faire Linux has migrated the template for making procedures that allows to easily duplicate it and change it accordingly.

Apps Github

Partner & contacts: Identification numbers

Laurent Mignon from ACSONE has generalized his requirement to provide a powerful base for adding any kind of identification number (VAT ID, passport, membership numbers...) to a partner.

Apps Github

Connector interfaces: Asynchronous CSV import

As the first module that uses the recently migrated connector, ACSONE has migrated this one for importing CSV file into Odoo asynchronously.

Apps Github

Multi-company: Sales team

Chafique Delli from Akretion contributes this module that allows to restrict sales team by company, allowing their use in a multi-company environment.

Apps Github

Tools: Multi-image gallery

Sodexis Team has migrated very quickly the latest version this module. More explanations about the module in the version 8 section.

Apps Github

Product: Multiple categories per product

Sodexis Team, a very active contributors to migrate OCA modules to v9, has also made it with this classic module. It has been maintained from the beginning, but it was adapted to the new UI possibilities.

Apps Github

On Version 8

CRM: Firstname in leads

Jairo Llopis (Yajo) from Antiun brings us the possibility of having the name split in two fields with this module.

Apps Github

Sale workflow: Link vehicles with sales orders

Sergio Teruel and Carlos Dauden from Incaser have developed this glue module to relate vehicles with sales order lines. Very useful for vehicle repair workshops.

Apps Github

Website: Calendar snippet

As the first module contribution to the OCA, Onestein brings an interesting module to publish the calendar view on the website, the same as in the backend. And all of this as a snippet that can be dragged & dropped from the building blocks.

Apps Github

Social: Editable tables in mails

Jairo made another interesting utility to expand the mail composer and make it more useful, allowing to add and delete rows and columns from the tables.

Apps Github

Community data: ISO 3166

Pedro M. Baeza has abstracted the initial requirement of the three letter country codes to a more generic module that handles more parts of the country and subdivisions code standard, using the pycountry lib.

Apps Github

HR: Employee ID

This module migrated by Salton Massally and Andhitia Rama allows to set an identification number using a sequence to each employee.

Apps Github

Contract: Markers in recurring invoicing

Pedro M. Baeza has developed this module that allows to set some reserved words (markers) in the definition of the contract that are replaced by their corresponding values when generating the invoices. It can be used for example for informing the period of the invoiced service.

Apps Github

Social: Mail debrand

This module by Jairo removes the Odoo references in the mails sent. It also allows to even remove the company and logo names.

Apps Github

POS: Speed improvement in the load

Hpar has made a module that allows to reduce the number of requests of product without images. This has been even noticed by Odoo itself, which is to be expected to land on Odoo core on the next version (v10).

Apps Github

Tools: Multi-image gallery

Pedro M. Baeza and Jairo have made this abstract module to allow easy adding of image gallery to any Odoo object.

Apps Github

Web: Advanced search unfolded

With this module by Jacques-Etienne Baudoux from BCIM sprl, the web client unfolds by default the advanced search on the list view, without the need of clicking on the arrow.

Apps Github

Invoicing: Unified picking invoicing

One missing feature of Odoo core is that you can't invoice pickings and their returns together (and if you do, you will get incorrect invoices). Pedro M. Baeza and Ainara Galdona (Avanzosc) have solved this limitation by developing a module that takes into account the type of picking to add or substract the quantity, and generate the correct invoice type.

Apps Github

Tools: Custom info base

Another good abstraction module from Jairo that includes all the things needed for defining and managing custom information for any Odoo object.

Apps Github

Event: Multi-image in events

This is the first application of the base_multi_image module mentioned before to an object: the events.

Apps Github

Web: Widget for one2many fields as tags

The UI magician Holger Brunn from Therp brings us this module that includes a new UI control for having one2many fields as tags seen on the many2many field. You can nest a one2many field inside another one2many. For example, it has been applied on the commission module, that has multiple commissions per invoice line.

Apps Github

Reporting: BI editor

Another interesting contribution from Onestein allowing us to create and esily edit PostgreSQL views that are used for BI purposes.

Apps Github

Budgeting: Migrated to v8

Camptocamp has migrated this set of modules from version 7. They even included features like budget versions.

Apps Github

Product: Cost price taxes included

This little utility by Sylvain Legal from GRAP shows the cost price with the taxes included for a better analysis in companies that works frequently with the taxes included.

Apps Github

Product: Multi-image in products

This is the second application of the multi-image base module. This time it is used with products, so you can have a product image gallery (useful for example for e-commerce).

Apps Github

Purchase workflow: Know the state of the picking in the purchase order

Chafique Delli from Akretion makes another contribution with this little utility, which displays the state of the picking on the purchase order.

Apps Github

Events and Local Communities

Future Events

April 14th - Meetup in Oslo, Norway

Organized by Bringsvor Consulting AS, this meetup will be about Odoo Accounting. Torvald Bringsvor will show you accounting features in Odoo including bank reconciliation, VAT reports, EHF sending and receiving and reporting.

More info

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

April 15th - PyCon Sette in Florence, Italy

PyCon Italia is the national conference where professionals, researchers and lovers of the most beautiful programming language, gather together.

In the wonderful frame of Florence, PyCon is a weekend to learn, meet and discover.

During Friday, a PyBusiness track will host several Odoo talks, presented by members of the Odoo Community.

More info

April 26th - Code Sprint in Sorrento, Italy

Organized by Abstract Technology, the Code Sprint will take place in Sorrento, Italy from April 26th to 29th, 2016 and is aimed at those who are passionate about Odoo. It is the best way to get in touch with the Odoo community and it is free.

The Accounting PSC will take this opportunity to work on the financial reports for version 9 during this sprint.

More info

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

October 2nd - Code Sprint in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

If you missed it last year, here is your chance: The OCA will organize a 3-days code sprint before the 2016 Odoo Experience. Location in Louvain-la-Neuve is not determined yet, but you can already book your dates to live the most exciting week in the Odoo Community.

More info

Heartbeat & Activities

New Contributors, PSC and PSC Members

In March 2016, 47 Github contributors (including 7 new ones) made 286 commits while 167 Transifex collaborators translated 28,078 terms. Runbot was used 1,246 times and the 1,152 OCA modules were downloaded 31,608 times in the last 3 months. 

New contributors

From Belarus

From Belgium

From Cambodia

From Ethiopia

From India

From Iran

From Italy

From the Netherlands

From Spain

From Switzerland

PSC and PSC Members


Fekete Mihai at Forest and Biomass Services Romania S.A. joined the Agriculture verticalization project.

Mailing List  More info

Ethiopian Localization

Michael Telahun Makonnen has started the Ethiopian localization project.

Mailing List  More info


The Geospatial PSC is now using a mailing list.

Mailing List  More info

Chinese Localization

A first meet up has been held in Shanghai on March the 22nd. The objective of this first gathering was to list the intentions from the audience and introduce the OCA way of contributing.

12 participants were present with mostly no contribution background: they now do have a sense of the possibilities offered and some new PR have been created in the localization as a starting point.

Further meetings are planned to properly structure the community around the OCA and generate valuable contributions.

Besides some existing contributions for HR payroll, website improvements and Alipay/Wechat payment methods, Jefferey has moved his current work on TenPay and Allpay payment methods to the OCA.

Mailing List  More info

Board Announcements

2016 General Assembly

Due to the 2016 Odoo Experience scheduled in October, the 2016 General Assembly will be held online, as per the agenda below:

  • Until April 22nd

    • Make sure you renewed or became a Member

    • Members fill in this form to propose their candidacy as a Delegate

  • From April 25th to May 6th

    • Delegates vote for 10 new Delegates among the candidates

  • Until May 20th

    • Delegates fill in this form to propose their cancidacy as a Board Member

    • Delegates fill in this form to propose their cancidacy as a Financial Auditor

  • From May 23rd to June 3rd

    • Delegates vote for 9 Board Members, 

    • Delegates vote for 3 Financial Auditors,

    • Delegates approve the publication of the 2015 General Assembly record,

    • Delegates approve the 2015 Financials Statements,

    • Delegates approve the 2015 Activities Report,

    • Delegates approve the 2016 Budget.

About the OCA

OCA, the Odoo Community Association, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

Contact information:

Marketing Materials, Case Studies, Odoo Development Cookbook, 
Accounting Reports & Product Configurator
Open Source Integrators, Maxime Chambreuil 5 April, 2016
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