Are you ready for OCA Days 2022?
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OCA DAYS 2022 - 10 + 11 October

Before the event
  • Read the working document - you can start adding code sprint topics now

  • Check out the talks you would like to see

  • Pack your extension cable and power multi boards

  • Join the Discord channel - details in the working document

  • Make sure you have signed a CLA

  • Make sure you have an up-to-date clone of Odoo and of all the OCA repositories you plan to work on.

  • Enable Travis builds on your forks of the OCA repositories.

Sunday 9th October
  • If you are around, come join us to help set up the venue at 5:30PM
    Val Benoit, Génie Civil, Quai Banning 6 - 4000 Liège 

  • Those that registered for the social kick-off we'll see you at Brasserie {C} (Impasse des Ursulines 14/24, BE-4000 Liege) 8pm start, aim to finish 10/10:30.

  • You'll get 2 tickets for drinks and there are mixed platters to nibble from. If you would like another beverage or two, you are more than welcome to purchase at the bar as you go.

Monday 10th October
  • Val Benoit, Génie Civil, Quai Banning 6 - 4000 Liège 

  • Registration desk open from 8:15am

  • Talks start at 9am and will go till 6pm

  • Code sprint all day

  • We have a film crew roaming this day

  • T-shirts are available at lunch time - Members get first preference. If you aren't a member but would like to become one, just click here or we can help you sign up at OCA Days.

  • Group photo at 6pm - great time to try out your new t-shirt

  • The evening event will kick off at around 6:30pm - again we will use the ticket system for a burger and a drink, you can then purchase more food and beverages should you desire from the food trucks.

  • There will be great live music, so come ready to party!

Tuesday 11th October
  • Welcome talk is at 8:50am

  • Talks go till 4pm

  • Code sprint all day

  • From 4pm, we would love as many hands as possible to help out packing the rooms down.



Are you ready for OCA Days 2022?
Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly 6 October, 2022
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