Stock Ownership Availability Rules

Enforce ownership on stock availability

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Stock Ownership Availability Rules

This module extends the core behaviour to manage ownership of stock. It is useful when we want to keep stock that belongs to someone other than our company.

This functionality is partially implemented in Odoo, with some missing behaviour (e.g. it will silently deliver someone else's stock if that's all we've got).

The purpose of this module is also to add tests that are missing in the Odoo core.

With this module, the owner of quants becomes required, and is set by default as follows:

  • If the location of the quant has a partner, it is used.
  • Otherwise, if the location of the quant has a company, the related partner is used.
  • Otherwise, the partner related to the default company for quants is used.

The tests make sure that the quants reservation always respect owners:

  • Outgoing pickings without owner or with company owner only reserve quants with company owner, otherwise they remain unreserved.
  • Outgoing pickings with owner only reserve quants with the same owner, otherwise they remain unreserved.

To understand stock owners more easily, now the "On Hand" button on the product form view opens a stock view grouped by location and owner (instead of location only).

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