Dead man's switch (client)

Be notified when customers' Odoo instances go down

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Therp BV
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License: AGPL-3

Dead man's switch (client)

This module is the client part of dead_mans_switch_server. It is responsible of sending the server status updates, which in turn takes action if those updates don't come in time.


After installing this module, you need to fill in the system parameter dead_mans_switch_client.url. This must be the full URL to the server's controller, usually of the form https://your.server/dead_mans_switch/alive.

This module attempts to send CPU and RAM statistics to the server. While this is not mandatory, it's helpful for assessing a server's health. If you want this, you need to install psutil.

You can also have the number of currently online users logged, but this only works if the bus module is installed and longpolling configured correctly.


This module doesn't have any visible effect on the client.

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Known issues / Roadmap

  • certificate pinning would be nice

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