Batch Reconciliation for transfer moves

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Batch reconciliation for transfer lines created in payment orders

This module allows to process with the connector technology the heavy task of reconciliation of the receivable/payable journal entries of a payment order against the created entries in transfer accounts.

This approach provides many advantages, similar to the ones we get using that connector for e-commerce:

  • Asynchronous: the operation is done in background, and users can continue to work.
  • Dedicated workers: the queued jobs are performed by specific workers (processes). This is good for a long task, since the main workers are busy handling HTTP requests and can be killed if operations take too long, for example.
  • Multiple transactions: this is an operation that doesn't need to be atomic, and if a line out of 100,000 fails, it is possible to catch it, see the error message, and fix the situation. Meanwhile, all other jobs can proceed.

Inspired on account_move_batch_validate module from Camptocamp and ACSONE.


This module requires the connector module, hosted on OCA/connector


This will only work for payment modes that have a transfer account set.


When exporting the payment order, click on Validate to generate the transfer move. One connector job will be created for each payment line for a deferred conciliation of this line.

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