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Camptocamp, Akretion
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Magento Connector

This is the new release of the Open-Source connector linking OpenERP and Magento also known under the name of Magentoerpconnect. It is build on top of the connector framework. It is is structured so that it can be extended or modified easily from separate addons, a factor of success when the implementations of Magento vary a lot.

Magento OpenERP Connector is mainly developed by the Connector Core Editors, these being Camptocamp and Akretion. The source is on GitHub.

This connector is designed to have a strong and efficient core, with the ability to extend it with extension modules or local customizations.

In other words, the core module contains the minimal scope to run your e-commerce with OpenERP and Magento. More advanced features are installable using extensions.

It features:


  • Import the partners and addresses book
  • Import the customer groups (becomes partner tags)
  • Import the categories of products, with translations
  • Import the products, with translations and main image
  • Import the sales orders
  • Update the the stock quantities, with configuration of the warehouse and stock field to use
  • Export the delivery orders
  • Export the tracking numbers
  • Create the invoices on Magento and get their number back
  • Import the dependencies when they are not yet imported (ie. customer, products for sale order)


  • Use the Automatic workflows to automatize the workflow of the sales according to the payment method (confirm orders, create and reconcile payments, ...)
  • Per payment method, choose when the orders are imported (only when a payment is received, always, never)
  • Use the Sales Exceptions to prevents the processing of sales orders with issues

Technical points:

  • Built on top of the connector framework
  • Use the connector_ecommerce addon to share the e-commerce capabilities with other e-commerce addons
  • Use the jobs system of the connector framework
  • Create connector checkpoints when new records to verify are imported
  • Support Magento 1.7, the support of earlier versions should be easy to add, the connector framework being designed to handle multiple versions with ease.
  • Licensed under AGPL version 3
  • Designed to be usable with multiple Magento or any other e-commerce backends in the same time.

Available extensions:

  • Pricing
    allows to manage the prices in OpenERP using pricelists, prices are update to Magento when changed
  • Export of partners (Experimental)
    Export new partners on Magento, not complete.

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