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This module allows defining groups whose membership is a condition expressed as python code. For every user, it is evaluated during login if she belongs to the group or not.


Check Dynamic on a group you want to be dynamic. Now fill in the condition, using user which is a browse record of the user in question that evaluates truthy if the user is supposed to be a member of the group and falsy if not.

There is a constraint on the field to check for validity if this expression. When you're satisfied, click the button Evaluate to prefill the group's members. The condition will be checked now for every user who logs in.


We have a group called Amsterdam and want it to contain all users from city of Amsterdam. So we use the membership condition

` user.partner_id.city == 'Amsterdam' `

Now we can be sure every user living in this city is in the right group, and we can start assigning local menus to it, adjust permissions, etc.

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