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This module adds 3 functionnalities :

  1. It adds a 'dial' button in the partner address form view so that users can directly dial a phone number through Asterisk. This feature is usually known as 'click2dial'. Here is how it works :
. In OpenERP, the user clicks on the 'dial' button next to a phone number field
in the partner address view.
. OpenERP connects to the Asterisk Manager Interface and Asterisk makes the
user's phone ring.

. The user answers his own phone (if he doesn't, the process stops here). . Asterisk dials the phone number found in OpenERP in place of the user. . If the remote party answers, the user can talk to his correspondent.

  1. It adds the ability to show the name of the calling party on the screen of your IP phone on incoming phone calls if the presented phone number is present in the partner addresses of OpenERP. Here is how it works :
. On incoming phone calls, the Asterisk dialplan executes an AGI script
. The "" script calls the "" script with
a short timeout.
. The "" script will make an XML-RPC request on the OpenERP
server to try to find the name of the person corresponding to the phone number presented by the calling party.
. If it finds the name, it is set as the CallerID name of the call, so as to be
presented on the IP phone of the user.
  1. It adds a button "Open calling partner" in the menu "Sales > Address book" to get the partner corresponding to the calling party in one click. Here is how it works :
. When the user clicks on the "Open calling partner" button, OpenERP sends a
query to the Asterisk Manager Interface to get a list of the current phone calls
. If it finds a phone call involving the user's phone, it gets the phone number
of the calling party
. It searches the phone number of the calling party in the Partner addresses of
OpenERP. If a record matches, it shows the name of the related Partner and proposes to open it, or open its related sale orders or invoices. If no record matches, it proposes to create a new Contact with the presented phone number as 'Phone' or 'Mobile' number or update an existing Contact.

A detailed documentation for this module is available on the Akretion Web site:

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