Write great content
(and help us spread the word)

1) Pick your subject

If you want to write anything related to the Odoo Community Association (Odoo, an OCA module), pick a subject in your area of expertise, a topic you are most familiar with and feel confortable being challenged.

If you want feedbacks, do not hesitate to share the subject of your post on the related mailing list.

2) Publish your content

Once the content is written, there are many various ways to publish it, you can:

  • create your own blog on Odoo.com if you don't have one yet

  • post it in social or professional networks like Facebook or LinkedIn

We recommend you publish it in one single place and share the link.

3) Be part of the OCA Newsletter

Most interesting content will be part of the next release of the OCA Newsletter. If you want to submit yours, send it to news@odoo-community.org.

If you want to share your writing skills further, you can:

Host an OCA Event