Which organizations support the OCA?

Our Sponsors

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Acsone SA
We are professional software engineers dedicated to crafting durable and reliable software systems that help our customers achieve their goals faster.
Quality and Openness being at the core of our values and design principles, our solutions are naturally based on Open Standards and Open Source technologies.
Adhoc S.A.
Adhoc is the main Odoo Supplier in Argentina. 
We belong to the highest category of Partner granted by Odoo Belgium, which guarantees the quality of our processes and the reliability of our services and solutions.
We are the main suppliers and developers of the Odoo Argentinan location. We support and accompany more than 100 customers every day, with a team committed to the success of your company.
We carry out efficient implementation projects and we always do it with good vibes. We are engineers and analysts, so we understand your needs and your business.
We train you to start using the system in the best way and we have a support team from Monday to Friday to help you with any questions or concerns.
We keep your software up-to-date with Argentine regulations and year after year we migrate our clients to new versions launched by Odoo.
BizzAppDev Systems Pvt. Ltd
We become the pioneers in ERP solutions and can prove to be the most reliable Odoo Technical Ally.

Running a business can turn out to be an ordeal if you are unaware of the right tips to do so. Enterprise Resource Planning powered by Odoo will help you catapult the business to greatest heights. At BizzAppDev, we know the art of amalgamating technology with innovation.

Conceptualization, Creative Ideas and Technical Support are the heart of our services. We are aware of market trends as well as client preferences. Our excellent and targeted Odoo Development solutions will empower your organization in more than one way. That’s the reason, we have emerged as the leaders in the Professional Arena.
Le Filament
The Filament is the digital Scop that accompanies you in defining, choosing and integrating your digital & collaborative tools.
We are a team of passionate people which aims to improve the lives of everyone through disruptive products. We build great solutions to solve the requirements of your business. Our products are designed for companies of all kinds that seek to optimize their performance.