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This page is work in progress.

How to proceed ?

This is still under discussion right now. The foreseen process is the following:

  • Fill in the form on the OCA website : project name, link, representative for the OCA
  • Review based on the following criteria by the board or the Projects Evaluation Committee
    • Scope to be defined
    • Compatibility and dependencies with other projects to be defined.
    • Resources or partner involved in the development
    • Funding
  • Project wil be added:
    • to the OCA website
    • to the documentation
    • in the lp-community-utils project for reviewing
    • to OpenERP Apps
  • Project will be announced to the community
  • Project will be assigned an OCA representative

Currently, just contact us by mail.

Removal of projects

Projects may be removed from the OCA umbrella under certain conditions:

  • Not generic enough
  • Code and features do not follow OCA guidelines.
  • Clear deficiencies with no resources for improvements
  • Conflict with another project


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