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We are organized in projects governed by a Team or Project Steering Committee (PSC).  Each project's PSC is independent and responsible for a given scope, generally a bunch of projects/repositories on github hosting various Odoo modules/Apps. An example is the banking maintainers, reponsible for a set of project/Github repositories, each of them hosting various modules/Apps.

The PSC should operate openly and with a consensus-based approach. It has a complete autonomy on its projects and define its own rules, tools and organization to achieve the objectives given by the OCA.

While the PCS may delegate specific responsibilities to particular project members, it is ultimately intended to be the governing body for the project. Read the FAQ to know more about it.

PSC / Team

  • Local community
  • Business process oriented
  • Verticalization
  • Connector


  • Hundreds of quality Apps
  • Open source
  • Interoperability
  • Sustainability


  • Tons of projects and Apps available
  • Try stable release
  • Functional test of submitted improvements

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On GitHub

We are organized in Teams or Project Steering Committees (PSC), each of them handling various projects. The Team is responsible to review and commit the work of the community in the related branches of their related projects.

Project Steering Committee

You can access all our Teams here .

OCA's Projects

Community Apps

On GitHub, you can have access to all our projects on the OCA home page. Every repository is a project in which you'll find one branch by version.

The Community backport project

The Community backport project on github is called OCB, find it here.

OCA on Github

On Weblate

There is only one team, the OCA Translators Team, which translates OCA modules in all languages that you can install in Odoo. In each language, there is coordinators, reviewers and translators and they are responsible to translate and review the work of the community in the related branches of their related projects.

OCA on weblate


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