Captivea, Sebastien Riss

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I'm an entrepreneur passionate by technology, sales and entreprise consulting. I created Captivea in 2007 to help companies to deploy their CRM and ERP Software. We are an Odoo Partner since 2012.

We deployed more than 200 CRM ERP projects in Europe and in the USA. Captivea was created in France in 2007 and the subsidiary in the USA was founded in 2018. I moved in the USA to open the subsidiary. It's an amazing experience! I know and like the french and the american culture and I try to keep the best of both to have my own culture.

Even if Captivea has more than 50 employees globally, I still enjoy to provide services for my customer. I think it's very important to keep the contact with the direct customer. I'm still providing myself a lot of Entreprise consulting, Odoo configuration and training and few developments.

Even if I know Studio is the nightmare of all developers, I really like it. I feel I can help my customer very quickly. I don't have a strict point of view about Studio. I'm open to discuss. 

At Captivea, we use sometime some of the OCA modules to help our customers and I really appreciate this association. I think it's a good way to help Odoo to growth and to increase the size of the community. It's time for us to be a part of it.