Which organizations support the OCA?

Our Integrators

Therp is a specialist in the implementation and support of Odoo. As a partner of Odoo SA - we take care of the entire implementation process, from process analysis to implementation and management. Therp has been supplying quality for years and therefore manages for the Netherlands the collection of modules (localization)that have been developed to align Odoo with our laws and customs.
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Onestein B.V.
Onestein is an implementation partner for business software. Sprung from a firm knowledge of IT and business processes, and a genuine interest in our clients we provide software enabling entrepreneurs to maximize the output of their potential.

Onestein aims to be one of the largest stakeholders of the Dutch business-software implementation market. We will achieve this by developing business-software providing maximal added value for all our clients in an unbound environment granting complete freedom. (Open Source)

No matter where you are now, Onestein will help you along.
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