Which organizations support the OCA?

Our Integrators

Since its founding in 1999, IT IS AG has been the contact for ERP introductions and business solutions. We have particular expertise in the area of structured advice, excellent methodology and reasonable purchased ERP customization. Likewise, we have a lot of experience when it comes to connect business systems with document management, web shops and websites. Further information about IT IS AG can be found on the Internet at https://www.itis-odoo.de.
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InitOS GmbH
initOS GmbH sees itself as an IT service provider focusing on strategic consulting, IT conception and application system development. Our service portfolio also includes customized services that ensure the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure. Our wide range of training courses provides you and your employees with specific know-how to guarantee the long-term success of your projects. We are convinced of open source software and have therefore specialized in the ERP system Odoo and the shop system Magento.
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Bloopark Systems GmbH & Co. KG.
We are an internet agency and Odoo partners based in Magdeburg, Germany with over 10 years of experience in e‑commerce, responsive design and development. We consider ourselves an A-team: small and efficient. With remote developers all across de world, we pride ourselves of our wide perspective and approach in every challenge, leading to the best customer-oriented solutions.
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