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Re: Qunit test

MICROCOM, Martin Malorni
- 11/01/2016 21:46:01
Hi Pierre,
I agree that testing the javascript is something that should be done with an increasing part of Odoo being client side.
I was wondering about the choice of Qunit and not one of the easier to use newer librairies like Jasmine or Mocha used with Chai?

Thanks for the initiative!

Martin Malorni
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From: Alexandre Fayolle <>
Reply-To: "Odoo Community Association (OCA) Tools" <>
Date: Friday, January 8, 2016 at 3:08 AM
To: Tools <>
Subject: Re: Qunit test

Hello Pierre,

I'm not too well versed in the Javascript side of testing (and to be
totally honnest, until like 10 minutes ago, QUnit was -- wrongly --
associated to unittesting Qt applications :-) ), but I totally agree
that Testing is great (and TDD is the way to go) and therefore better
support on the OCA toolchain is needed.

I also feel that cross browser testing is a very nice thing to have. It
always sucks to discover late that such addon does not work on browser
XXX. If contributors cannot afford to make their code compatible with
all versions of all major browsers, at least having the information that
some_addon requires Chrome >= N is very valuable, and this should be
tested automatically (and maybe we can have badges for addons)

This is certainly the correct mailing list, although you may want to
poke the website mailing list ( and maybe
also the contributors mailing list about this thread so that interested
people may join in here.

All in all, thanks for initiating this project, and I hope you'll get
great feedback from the community.

Alexandre Fayolle
Chef de Projet
Tel : +33 4 58 48 20 30

Camptocamp France SAS
Savoie Technolac, BP 352
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