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mis_builder sorrento PR

Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul
- 29/04/2016 12:37:53
Hi Sorrento sprinters,

Since the push-here branch is still in flux, we have collected all contributions to mis_builder on a separate branch that is autonomous and can be reviewed independently.

Now progressively heading back home. 

Thanks you all for this great event, we did a great work together! I hope some resources can be gathered in the coming days to review merge all the branches into OCA 9.0 so we and other can build from there easily.

Have a great week-end,


PS: in case you need it for other modules, here is the commands we used to extract the relevants commits from the subkpi branch where most mis_builder work was done

git log be32b21e82a3a145930da4a7ff5d284a80e8c8a3..subkpi --pretty=format:'%H' --reverse -- mis_builder > /tmp/sorrento

for sha in `cat /tmp/sorrento` ; do git cherry-pick $sha ; done