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Re: Custom 1D cutting in Odoo 11

Sunflower IT, Tom Blauwendraat
- 28/06/2018 15:24:06
Hi Oleg

I don't think that Odoo has any "standard" way of doing this. 

But you can make small customization modules that for example:
- Add a "length" field to an Odoo "work order" which is required only when the workcenter is "LED cutter"
- Fill this "length" field automatically from the value of a custom "product attribute" called "length"

Then the work flow will be as follows:
- Customer orders a product with that certain attribute "Length" defined
- That product has a BoM with a routing that includes "Cutting" workcenter as a step
- The product is added to Sale order
- On confirmation of Sale order, the product is produced, the work order "Cutting" is created and the Length field automatically field from that product being produced

It will just be a relatively small customization

Good luck
- Tom

On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 5:02 PM, Oleg Kuryan <> wrote:
Dear Manufacturing Experts,

The issue I'm having now is that we have a customer who wants to use Odoo 11 Enterprise. They are producing lighting solutions (so called "led strips"). To produce it they need not only led strip, but also aluminium profile, cover glass and etc.

The problem that comes - is that here is no standard of length of products produced to customer. Every customer can have any length they want. So it is not possible to create limited set of BoMs for specific product variants as there can be any.

To add complexity - obviously we cannot cut led strip in any place, there are sections and customer may not know about it - but we know.

I do not see that Odoo 11 (even Enterprise) supports this functionality. And customer want to be as close to standard as possible.

Do you think you know good option on how to do it in Odoo?--

Best Regards,
Oleg Kuryan

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