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Re: ODOO11 MRP multiBom bad production planing

- 17/05/2018 08:33:02
You don't have to complete the MO of B to start MO of B in all cases, You just need the minimum Qty of B to start MO of C.
Also, there are cases we don't need B to 'start' manufacturing of C, we may need C in the last stage. Here also we can start production of Both B and C at the same time.
So it's better we change later.

On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 5:16 AM, jean francois Taille <> wrote:

I have a problem with mrp that I don't understand...

I have a product A, with a bom containing product B with routing R1

Product B has also a bom containing product C with routing R2.

Product C is a buyable product

if I confirm a Sale Order with product A, I have automatically 2 manufacture orders with R1 and R2.

But the problem is when I planify those MO, they start on the same date....

In reality, product B should be manufactured first and only then product A can be manufactured.

So in the Gantt view, we should have the MO planify with the proper order.

When I launch the planing, all manufacture order start at the same time...

Is there something I missed.

Thanks for your help it is a long time I'm searching ...


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