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Sapentia, Andrew Dyson
- 30/10/2017 18:44:05
Hi All

At the Odoo Experience in October we offered to develop the free E Learning module that we release for the Odoo CE modules for selected OCA modules. As a company we focus on Odoo training and support and the best we can contribute to the OCA is to develop modules for some of the more involved/complex modules

If you have not seen our tutorials that we release check here 

Following chats with Daniel and Stefan and others the following was suggested:

1. approach each of the project committees and find out potential candidates for development. e.g. MIS Builder
2. get at least 2 suggestions from each project committee or member
3. create a list of modules to create
4. identify someone to support us implement the tutorial
5. produce and release the tutorials, free to the community, on 

So over to you all in the OCA - What are the most complex modules, where an interactive tutorial may help uptake/support people to use the module. 

Note: Typically we support end users but on these tutorials we are happy to get more technical if needed as supported by the project group.

If you could email us at or reply to this mailing list by the end of December that would be great.

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