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Re: [16080] Connector Bundle

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 07/07/2017 16:06:43
For the notation of bundle in Odoo itself, see


2017-07-07 15:53 GMT+02:00 Guewen Baconnier <>:

We have used or considered several ways depending on our customers needs:

* split the bundle and keep only the lines in the sales order (this
customer only used bundles as "packs" of independent products and
didn't care about the pack itself)
* keep the bundle "main article" in the sales order split the lines in
the picking (this customer needed margins at the line level for the
whole pack, but didn't want to go through a whole manufacturing
* create a BoM for manufacturing (not sure we had this one)

I think the 3 options are valid and needed for different situations.
They could be implement in different addons (since 10.0, the
inheritance will be much better with

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On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 1:53 PM, Frederik Kramer <> wrote: > Dear community, > > i'd like to catch up on an issue that was earlier asked from my > colleague Katja to Sebastien (from partner Akretion) but is valid and > to be discussed by an even larger audience. > > almost three years ago Akretion extended the Magento Connector for Odoo > to handle Magento's bundle products.[see 1] At the same time driven by > a customer we at initOS came up with another solution.[see 2] > > Unforatunately none of both solutions made it to the OCA. > > A customer of ours (that didn't use bundles so far) now requested to > enable Magento's bundle products in Odoo (v8.0), which is raising the > issue for us again. It would be hence great to join experiences and > develop a solution that works and inherits from previous attempts and > will finally be merged into OCA > > We foresee the following option: > > 1) Migrate and restructure our solution. Since the solution by Akretion > has the better architecture this may mean to somehow refactor into > something that is more the Akretion solution than ours. > > 2) Adopt an entirely different angle and extend the connector to import > bundle products as Phantom/Set BoM in Odoo. Since in our current case > there will be no variety when selecting a bundle product, we think > Odoo's default BoM would be flexible enough. > > After our first extended analysis both options seem to have similar > scores in term of effort, complexity and risk (in our concrete > context). However, both alternatives are very different since 1) is > handling basically a "trade" and upselling / crosselling problem > whereas 2) is definitely linked down to manufacturing (even tough > phantom BOMs are frequently used in non-MRP settings to be downward > integreatable to full fletched SRM solutions for instance [3]). More > over Phantom BoMs are not inventory articles which are assembled on the > fly but not "made to stock". > > This is why we'd like to discuss the issue with a broader audience of > partners and integrators in order to keep the overall engineering cost > small and add value to as much as possible use cases. > > So the question is: Have anyone of you had other Odoo cases with > Magento's bundle products? What solution did you take [see 1 and 2] or > please provide a link to code that you have or would recommend to > consider to solve that issue ? > > Was the BoM solution described above ever an alternative for you? (Why > / Why not?) With respect to your experience would you use the same > approach again? > > Not at least as part of the community we consider an exchange of our > experience as useful. Since there is no solution in the OCA yet, it > would be great to design the best approach not only for us, but for > most use cases in the whole community. > > We are looking forward to receive comments, suggestions and feedback > from developers as well as folks that have a similar / same business > problem. > > Thanks in advance > > Frederik > > > [1] > [2] > [3] > cs-ax-their-role-in-mrp-and-costing/ > [4] > > > -- > Dr.-Ing. Frederik Kramer > Geschäftsführer > > initOS GmbH > An der Eisenbahn 1 > 21224 Rosengarten > > Phone: +49 4105 56156-12 > Fax: +49 4105 56156-10 > Mobil: +49 179 3901819 > > Email: > Web: > > Geschäftsführung: > Dr.-Ing. Frederik Kramer & Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Torsten Francke > > Sitz der Gesellschaft: Rosengarten – Klecken > Amtsgericht Tostedt, HRB 205226 > Steuer-Nr: 15/200/53247 > USt-IdNr.: DE815580155 > > ______________________________
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