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Is there a module to link product variant to component variant in a MRP Bill of Material?

Druidoo SAS, Iván Todorovich
- 04/07/2016 13:00:28
Hi people,

I wonder if any of you already encountered with this situation.

We have a product that have a lot of color variants. For each color, the only thing that changes in the BOM is the variant of the compound to use.

Currently, we have a line for each compound variant, using the "Variants" column to filter in wich variants to apply. It's effective but very dificult to maintain.

Sin título.png

Do you know of any module that can handle this automatically? I mean just setting the product template as BOM line and let the module autofill the variant if it matches and exists in both produced product and material.

Best regards


Iván Todorovich