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Free 7,5 hours Odoo video tutorials

by Patrick Körting <> - 03/06/2016 19:34:37
Hey there, 

i recently made my advanced 7,5 hours Odoo Basics Video Course available on YouTube for free. 1 year ago I published it on Udemy (one of the biggest e-learning platforms) for 199€.
60 lectures of the course let students gain a comprehensive understanding of Odoo ERP To Work With The System On A Daily Basis & Educate Others. Last week i decided to give the course away for free now on Youtube. 

I am happy, if this material will help you, your clients or anybody else.
Feel free to share.
And please tell me, if there is any better place to post this to reach more people.

All the best


SALES: Manage Leads & Turnover Opportunities Of Existing Customer & Prospects In Customized Sales Funnels. Use Your Full Sales Potential!
SALES: Set Up A Well Structured Contact Data Base To Analyze & Categorize Your Customers. Get To Know Your Customers To Not Waste Money On Blind Marketing & Sales Activities!
SALES: Create & Manage Multiple Price Lists For Different Customer Groups. Start Rewarding Loyal Customers With High Turnover To Build Engagement
SALES: Handle Multiple Currencies (With Daily Updated Rates) For Sales & Purchase To Work Internationally. The World Is Your Market!
WAREHOUSING: Create & Process Arrival, Internal Transfer & Shipping Of Goods Working With Multiple Warehouses. Save A Lot Of Time By Using Odoos Simple Steps.
WAREHOUSING: Manage unlimited Number Of Individual Serialnumbers or Lot-Numbers + Corresponding Delivery Tracking. Professionalize Individual Customer Service & Reveal Series Defect To Improve Product Quality!
ORGANIZATION: Set Up & Handle A Global Synchronized Company Calendar For All Employees. Improve Coordination Of Meetings & Appointments!
CONTROLLING: Gain Deep Insights Into Your Business Through Advanced Analytics, Compile Customized Reports & Share Them With Relevant Stakeholders
ADMIN: Set up & Edit Company & User Profiles With Corresponding Access Rights. Give Your Employees The Possibilities To Perform & Cooperate, But Still Keeping Controll Over Their Insights.
ADMIN: Construct Your Own Customized Version Of Odoo From The Ground Up By Installing Apps And Adjusting Settings. Concentrate On More Important Things And Let The Technique Support YOU! You & Your Employees Will Cherish The New, Simpler Daily Business.
ADMIN: Translate Your ERP In Any Language By Installing Language Packages & Individual Translations. Ease Communication With Customers & Suppliers By Processing Orders In Their Corresponding Language.
NO LIMIT: Understanding The Structure And Principles Of Odoo Enables You To Explore Even More Advanced Functionalities On Your Own. Lean Back With The Security Of A System, Wich Will Adapt According to Your Needs!