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Odoo14/15CE - Sales to MRP difference (in comparison with older versions)

- 10/03/2022 16:44:41
Hi all,

I have been using Odoo off and on since version 8, and in version 10 i used to have configured Sales order to Manufacture.

It would create a manufacturing order with the reference document of the sales order (with linked client info etc)

Since Odoo 10 isn't supported anymore i started with a clean slate Odoo 14 last year, but i noticed the way i used to configure this doesn't work anymore.

when you create a product to manufacture, you NEED to create a reordering rule in order to make it work. (ie create a production order)

However, the reference document is no longer the Sales Order, but an internal OP, and the manufacturing order no longer has the client info linked.

The same goes for Odoo 15.

I am using OCA modules like MRP sales info, but the fields stay empty this way

Any idea how to solve this, so i can create the MO straight from the SO without the use of "reordering rules"?