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Serpent Consulting Services, Jay Vora
- 05/07/2020 14:48:36

The warehouse_id is important for a scenario of a company having a group of hotels. This was based on a need of implementations done. Point of sale was important as restaurant folio was added long back, but that could be made a separate module and we can add. If you see the actual version, has it. We have not been able to board on general base yet.

But overall, this helps to have additional contributors to take the journey ahead.

Let's discuss on github, better to keep a history there so any visitor will stay aware and also brainstorming will better the vertical. More and more implementations make vertical more generic with various use cases.

May I please ask you to register an issue there?


On Sun, Jul 5, 2020 at 7:42 PM <> wrote:
Hi there,

I see in `hotel` module a dependency on `sale_stock`. I don’t understand the need for the stock dependency except to make a link to `warehouse_id`. But I don’t get the need for `warehouse_id` either. Because of that, Odoo installs the “Inventory” app and initialising a database is a lot longer.

Can someone explain why that dependency was added? :-)

I also don’t see the need to depend on point of sale. Is it for the restaurant features?

Thanks for the huge work :-)

All the best,

Robin Keunen
Coop IT Easy
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