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Using Vertical-Hotel?

Coop IT Easy SCRL fs, Robin Keunen
- 27/03/2020 11:55:41
Hi there,

One of our current client (v11) needs some module to manage hotel reservations. We stumbled on vertical-hotel from the OCA. While it seems to answer most of our needs, we will need to add some functionalities. So we have a few questions before diving in (or doing our own similar stuff):
  • How many people are using these modules? Is it only SerpentCS?
  • What is the use of folios? Why isn’t everything managed though reservations?
  • I see that all the models in a long single file and little adhesion to OCA conventions. Are the maintainers open to refactoring?
All the best,

Robin Keunen
Coop IT Easy
+32 488 86 57 40