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Re: [14966] Translation and GoBD issues

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer.
- 16/02/2017 15:57:46
Am Donnerstag, den 16.02.2017, 15:23 +0000 schrieb Ermin Trevisan:
> As one of the "very engaged translators with a special flavor" :-)
> I'd like to comment on this topic from my point of view:
> - First and foremost, as Thorsten states, a reasonable glossary
> (which finally contains the "mandatory" translations for (not only)
> key terms) is a true must have, in addition       with a usable and
> reasonable guideline, see my comment here: OCA-Translation Tool
> There should be discussions about key terms and we also should have a
> look at the competition at Microsoft Dynamics, SAP etc. (MS by the
> way has a public glossary).  Translating business software is not a
> creativity contest.

Harahrhar: A good one! Sometimes it feels as if it were just that

> - Secondly: The review process must be massively improved. No tool no
> anything else does help if meaningless, false, contextless and
> misleading translations are reviewed and therefore released. 

I think key is context in that regard. The problem is that it would be
a lot easier if one could translate right in the backend an push the
translation to the platform underneath.

> I'd prefer to have a flavor such as missing sz than translating the
> term "Change" with "Wechselgeld" on the website contact page. 

100% Agree

> The comment feature should be used by reviewers to give feedback to
> translators (for example why a translation does not get a positive
> review).
> Just my 2 rapps from the alps  :-)

i am fully in line with you.

Thanks for the comment

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