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Re: [14966] Translation and GoBD issues

Twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 16/02/2017 15:11:05
As one of the "very engaged translators with a special flavor" :-) I'd like to comment on this topic from my point of view:

- First and foremost, as Thorsten states, a reasonable glossary (which finally contains the "mandatory" translations for (not only) key terms) is a true must have, in addition       with a usable and reasonable guideline, see my comment here: OCA-Translation Tool
There should be discussions about key terms and we also should have a look at the competition at Microsoft Dynamics, SAP etc. (MS by the way has a public glossary).  Translating business software is not a creativity contest.

- Secondly: The review process must be massively improved. No tool no anything else does help if meaningless, false, contextless and misleading translations are reviewed and therefore released. I'd prefer to have a flavor such as missing sz than translating the term "Change" with "Wechselgeld" on the website contact page. The comment feature should be used by reviewers to give feedback to translators (for example why a translation does not get a positive review).

Just my 2 rapps from the alps  :-)
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