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Projection and Default Extent details

- 16/04/2020 05:09:28
Hi all,

I searched the web for answers but could'n find any help. Hope this is the right place.

I'm trying to develop an app for our customer using the base_geoengine module.
When opening a map view, the default view is Europe somewhere. I can see the default extent is set to ('-123164.85222423, 5574694.9538936, 1578017.6490538, 6186191.1800898'). This must form 2 corners of a rectangle I presume so I tried many things to get New Zealand to show up but didn't succeed.

Can someone explain:
1 - what coordinate system is that?
2 - what each element is (bottom x,bottom y, top x, top y)?
3 - How can I use normal decimal degrees?
4 - If the map view uses a projection of EPSG:900913 must the vector layers also use EPSG:900913?

I have tried an extent of India using this but also failed:


Magnus Kriel

Software Developer, Solnet

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