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Account Billing Module (contribution)

by "Kitti U." <> - 09/09/2015 10:17:50
Hello contributors,

As we are wanting to port our module(s) from v7 to OCA v8, one by useful one.

Now, I am working on this, account_billing module

In some countries, at least for Thailand (I also heard that Japan have do this too), there is a customary practice for companies to collect money from their customers only once in a month. For example, the customer has 3 payments due in a given month, the vendor or billing company should group all the due AR Invoices in a document call Billing Document and issue it with all the invoices consolidated to the customer on the Billing Day. The customer will be paying based on the payable amount shown in Billing Document in the following month.

In summary,
This module will add an interim invoice listing document, between process of Invoicing and Payment. So, on Payment we can refer to Billing ID to list only those invoices.

My questions are,
  • Are there similar module already exists?
  • Is the module name make sense to you all? Or what should it be?
  • Which project this module should belong to?
Thank you guys!

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