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Re: Self-merging rule

Leonardo Donelli
- 31/08/2015 13:37:02
The self-merging is a symptom of the disease, i.e. not enough reviews
and reviewers.

In theory, not allowing self-merging is a good thing, for all the
reasons already explained by others.
In practice, at the moment there are:

* very few occasional reviewers (probably less than 30-20?)
* even fewer somewhat "consistent" single-repository reviewers
* 1-3, consistent cross-repository reviewer, Pedro.

* 925 open pull requests
* ~100 open PRs for new modules (rough estimate based on title filtering)
* 462 open PRs created before June 2015

Of the 925 open PRs:
* pedrobaeza has commented on 429
* gurneyalex has commented on 139
* yvaucher has commented on 124
* dreispt has commented on 64
* eLBati has commented on 61
* guewen has commented on 59
* nhomar has commented on 30
(excluding PRs opened by the user himself)

Then there are a dozen or so people at 10-20, after that..
All of this top reviewers are also top contributors, so it's easy to
see why self merging is "required" at the moment.
I'm not saying we should all get to Pedro's levels, but there is
indeed a problem with the contributors vs committers vs reviewers