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Re: Migration to version 9

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 31/08/2015 12:38:51
> I mentioned a major one: the diff shows you the entire addon as a new
> addition instead of showing you the +- lines of the migrated code.

@guewen You have a point. A workaround is to require porting work (if
any) to go in a second commit.
We should weight this disadvantage against the #2 disadvantage with the
extra work needed to check that changes in the previous major version
are forward ported.
IMO #3 is still safer.

> And another one is that you cannot merge branch 8.0 against 9.0 for
unported modules.

Sorry, I didn't understand. Doesn't my example do  that?
Or you mean porting modules in the 8.0 "__unported__" sirectory?
Those are to be ported from 7.0 instead of 8.0: `git checkout 7.0 --