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Re: Migration to version 9

- 31/08/2015 10:35:59
Hello OCA people,

So between the proposed migration solutions: I vote for:
"installable: False"
For the same reasons as Guewen.

Now about the 1 module = ! repo thing. I totally understand we cannot afford it for the v9 migration. But in fact my preoccupation is exactly to alleviate the PSC/reviewer bottleneck too you know...

But we don't have to be binary in our choices. Things can be progressive such as:
  1. we try not splitting our existing repos
  2. we would be closer to 1 module = 1 repo for new modules that don't get a strong consensus they are central. Call that incubator if you like. Look I only see that PSC/reviewer workload will not scale if the number of modules per repo double every year or so... Soon that will be like the old extra-addons thing again...

Now, even if we try not splitting our existing repos, we may eventually have a simple but formal rule to make things more modular and also properly partition the PSC work:
  1. in general an OCA repo is based on an Odoo root module such as sale, purchase, stock...
  2. we can say that a root OCA repo should depend only on one root Odoo module (but it can be mrp for instance that is depends on bothy sale and purchase for instance).
  3. Localizations would be an exception however as they could depend on any Odoo SA modules.
  4. if a given module depend on several Odoo modules or several Odoo repos (except may be server-tools), then this module should belong to another repo. Modules with similar dependencies belong to the same repo for now (untill eventually further split happen as package management matures enough)

What do you think?

Raphaël Valyi
Founder and consultant
+55 21 3942-2434