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Re: Migration to version 9

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 29/08/2015 17:26:20
That option still lacks the problem of catching changes that have done on 8.0 afterwards the 9.0 branch is created. Or does this option allows to make merge on 9.0 from 8.0?


2015-08-29 17:23 GMT+02:00 Daniel Reis <>:

<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

I think the git-filter option as described on the wiki is the best trade off :
  • we keep the history
  • we provide an easy way to see which modules have been migrated
  • it allows us to match the number of repo with the resources to manage them
  • it encourages collaboration
  • it still allows anyone to deploy with packages by generating them based on module version
Leonardo made a very interesting proposal that got lost in the thread, that I believe deserves consideration as a possible alternative to git-filter.

Copying Leonardo:
> For the non-split up option, I tried to "git rm -r" all directories,
> one by one. Than to simulate the porting of a module, I did "git
> revert" of the commit that does "git rm -r".
> Then I tried to make a commit on 8.0 and forward port it. It works
> fine, and history is displayed correctly.


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