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Re: Renaming OCA/project-service to OCA/vertical-service

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 28/08/2015 17:50:43

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Could you be more specific about what you would put in OCA/vertical-service ? Do you have modules today that would fit in there ?

To be honest, none at the moment.
There is a "service_desk" feature, but in fact it mostly just adds an Analytic Account dimension (to enable a service desk to server several contract).
I want to rename it but wasn't sure how. Now I have examples for that and can take on it again.

On the other hand, in the last months the idea of creating a new "Service" menu, either at top level or as a top option under "Project" has been gaining more share of mind, and I'm willing to try that for v9.
The point is that many organizations will need both "Project" and "Service" management.
Both are anchored in very similar structures (Contracts, Teams, Tasks, Issues) but have very different workflows and processes.

Maybe a new service management repo would be interesting. It would still be strongly coupled to the project management repo.
I'm not sure if `vertical-service` is the right name (is it really a vertical?).
I would like for the modules to be prefixed with `service_`, and would favour the `OCA/service` name.

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I think PMI, as well as other PM methodologies (GTD, Agile, Scrum, etc) should be in OCA/project.