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Re: Renaming OCA/project-service to OCA/vertical-service

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 28/08/2015 00:48:15

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There are some people interested to contribute contract related modules. Where should they contribute those modules ?

We had (and still exists) an OCA/contract repo.
But it's content was not distinctive enough and it was merged into `OCA/project-service` (see
I still agree with that decision and think that Contract related features should go in an OCA/project repo.

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I think vertical-service is not specific enough. That's why we have vertical-isp, vertical-travel or vertical-hotel. A lot of companies in our economies provides services, but the type of services is very different and requires a different verticalizations to support their activities: legal (document management), accounting, payroll, IT, transportation (map view with GPS localization), accomodation (hotel), home services (fleet, route management and optimization).

Good point.
The service features are really about "service management", and the proposed name is probably too generic.
Service Management is not an industry, so I'm not sure if "vertical" is appropriate.

Some possibilities for a _new_ repo name and semantics could be:

- OCA/project-service (project modules specific to service management)
- OCA/vertical-service-management (solutions for service management companies, probably including other areas other than project, such as sales, invoicing, reporting, etc.)

With the isolation of Service Management features, does it make sense to include PMI Project Management modules in it's own repo, maybe vertical-projet-management? (PMI is not the only methodology for PM, so I advise against vertical-pmi)

Would these three separate repos be more helpful than a single one?