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Renaming OCA/project-service to OCA/vertical-service

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 27/08/2015 23:31:21
Hello all,

Following an OCA board decision, yesterday the OCA/project-service repo
was renamed to OCA/vertical-service.
The reasons presented by some board members is that the new name better
expresses the project's purpose.

As someone very involved in this project since it's creation on
Launchpad, I think that the project contributors should be given an
opportunity to comment on this, and I wish that that discussion happened
before the rename.

Nevertheless, it's better late than never, so here I invite you to share
your thoughts on this, and on what should be the steering guidelines for
this "new" repo and for the OCA `project` related modules.

Status quo

For more informed opinions, I'll do a summary.

We currently have three repos on this topic:
(1) `project-service`/`vertical-service`: for `project` modules, but
with most modules adding service management related features.
(2) `project-reporting`: with one active module now, adds project
related reporting features, with some dependencies on `project-service`

The `project-service` repo has 16 modules, of these afaict only four
provide features specifically target at service management
(project_issue_task, project_sla, service_desk, service_desk_issue). And
even these I believe can be useful in non service management use cases.

Pending PRs include features such as project phases and project task
date recalculation, clearly targeted and project management and not
service specific.

My opinion

IMO, this rename does not reflect neither the content of the repo nor
it's current scope ("Odoo Project Management *and* Services Company
I would welcome and support a `vertical-service` new repo, but not by
renaming `project-service`.

The rename causes an important gap in OCA projects ("where do I propose
this new project management feature?"), and the `vertical-service` repo
includes many features (currently and proposed) that are not service
company specific at all.

Also, while it is still a to-do, there is an agreement to bring
Efficent's PMI modules under OCA umbrella, and the target repo was
agreed to be `project-service`. That's also a reason for it's scope to
be "PM *and* SM".

My advice is to keep `project-service`, maybe renaming it to just
`OCA/project`, and create a new `OCA/vertical-service` repo.
I volunteer to make clear the different purposes of each, and help
contributors with what features should go where.

Best for all,
--Daniel Reis